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A delicious, bite-sized, chocolatey sleep-aid scientifically formulated for a quality night's sleep.
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  • Works on the First Night
  • No Grogginess or Side Effects
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• Very strong & effective. Works on the first night.
• Fall asleep fast & maintain sleep throughout the night.
• Wake up feeling fantastic with no grogginess or side effects.
• No prescription needed. Uses natural active ingredients.
• Non-habit forming & safe for regular use.
• Sugar-free & only 15 calories per square.
Sleep Squares Clinical Study Results
A clinical study was conducted by an independent research firm and sponsored by Slumberland Snacks to evaluate the efficacy of Sleep Squares as measured by an improvement in the overall quality of sleep.

Results: Sleep Squares are a safe and effective supplement to improve the overall quality of sleep. The study showed taking Sleep Squares (1 piece) before bedtime resulted in less difficulty in falling asleep, more satisfying sleep patterns, longer duration, and fewer waking moments during the night, as compared to baseline. When subjects took Sleep Squares at night, they also reported feeling more rested and energetic in the morning. 

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"These are the best sleep aids I have ever tried. I have used other sleep products, including melatonin on its own, but I have never had such peaceful, comfortable sleep. I highly recommended this product and am looking to get some more ASAP. " - Jordan A. from Pasadena, CA (using Sleep Squares for 1-3 months) 

"After using the Sleep Squares, I noticed a huge difference in my sleeping patterns. It no longer takes me hours to fall asleep, and once I finally am asleep, I actually stay asleep. Not only do the squares work, but they have the added bonus of tasting like a nice treat before bed!" - Brittany B. from Davenport, IA (using Sleep Squares for 3-6 months)

How Sleep Squares Work
There are countless reasons why we cannot sleep. These include work, stress, diet, lifestyle, family, or any other personal challenge experienced in our day to day lives. 

These problems affect our sleep directly by disrupting our natural sleep cycles. Inadequate sleep greatly affects all aspects of life and has been shown to be a contributing factor in numerous health problems.
Sleep Squares work by providing the necessary building blocks to allow the body to metabolize your three principle sleeping components: Serotonin, Melatonin and Acetylcholine

By elevating these levels naturally, Sleep Squares are able to help smooth out the sleep cycle disruptions and provide much needed assistance against a variety of moderate to severe sleep related issues. 
Sleep Squares use natural active ingredients in three categories:
(1) Traditional Herbs, (2) Sleep Nutrients, (3) Vitamins & Minerals. 

1. To relax the mind and body and allow an easy transition into sleep. 
2. To help initiate and maintain sleep throughout night. 
3. For optimal health and overall well-being. 
Over 80% of US adults report some form of sleep related issue 
at least a few times a month.
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